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If you love videos of cute, amateur, never seen before teens sucking and fucking at home, then you’re going to love these ShesNew videos of Dillon Harper being filmed while taking a shower, and then while sucking some cock.  And while she may be new to sucking cock on video for the entire internet to watch, she isn’t new to sucking cock.  By the looks of these hot videos from, she has years of experience.  Before we get into the videos, here is some background of how this sexy amateur named Dillon Harper wound up on the site.

“Boy do we have a treat for you! Dillon and her boyfriend made a very private video. It’s full of some pretty adorable scenes and some very steamy ones. Watch as our perfect titted teen takes a shower and feels her wet body and then strokes her mans cock. She’s good with her hands, like really good but she’s a little cum hungry and then guides his cock into her mouth and sucks the cum out of his cock in the bathroom!”

I am not sure if that was the description that was included when they sent in the video or not, or if its the description of the guys over at  Either way, it probably doesn’t matter much since its not so much about the story of how the video was made as it is the fact that it was made and sent in to  And I am sure if you’re on this site its because you’re looking for the biggest collection of free ShesNew videos anywhere.  Of course, there are way more videos on the actual, official site, as well as tons of other sites featuring amateur girls as well as pornstars.  Whether you’re into the self shot, homemade, self submitted type porn videos like at ShesNew, or if you like the professional stuff, they have you covered.

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Wow, have we got a treat for you.  This has to be THE CUTEST sexy little slut we’ve posted from ShesNew EVER!  Just look at her face in the first video, she is so sexy!  Oh, and she has a GREAT body on her too, just look at that sweet ass in the third video.  I would lick her asshole until she came.  Her tits and super nice too.  Man, some of the girls they find for these ShesNew videos are out of control, where the fuck do they get them?  And how do I find them to get to fuck them as well?

I don’t know much about Mali Myers, mainly because she isn’t a porn star.  Like all girls on, Mali Myers is, well, NEW.  And by NEW I mean a first timer whos probably no where else except on  So if you want to see Mali Myers sucking cock and getting fucked, theres only one place!

Here is a quick breakdown of how Mali Myers ended up in these videos from

“Hi everyone! Another great week at Mali and her fiancé sent in this tape of one of their Sexual escapades before they went out one day. We’ll let them tell it!: “Hi ShesNew! I’m Mali and that’s my boyfriend Kevin. He made a little tape of us doing so private things and I was totally against sharing it until we went back and watched it together. Not that I want to toot my own horn but it was pretty hot…””

Hey Mali Myers, you’re right, it is hot.  But it would be hotter if it were me fucking your tight pussy instead of whoever that is.  Seriously though, Mali Myers is looking super cute in these videos, I love them.  After I write this I am going to go login and rub one out to her sweet pussy.  And if you want access to all the ShesNew videos and pictures, including the full video of Mali Myers, head over to the official site and get your $1 membership.  You not only get access to and all the hot pictures and videos, but you also get access to the entire TeamSkeet network of sites, including all the mobile sites in the Team Skeet mobile network.  Thats every site, for both home and “on the go” (mobile”, for ONLY $1!  What the hell are you waiting for?  Watch these super hot videos of Mali Myers then head over to the main site and check it out, you won’t be disappointed.  Enjoy!

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If you like big floppy natural tits then you’ll love these videos of Samantha.  I have no idea what her last name is, because she didn’t give it (or at least not in these videos), so we’ll just call her “big tit Samantha”.  But for the sake of laziness (I don’t want to type “big tit Samantha” every 8 sentence), we’ll just call her “Samantha”.

Now that all that is out of the way, lets get to the videos of Samantha in the shower soaping up and showing off her big floppy natural tits.  Personally I am not a huge fan of the big floppy, saggy tits.  I like the nice perky little tits.  But I know a lot of you like the big tits (I have a buddy who loves them, his name is Andrew and he is a sick fuck), so I’ve posted these videos of Samantha and her big tits for Andrew and the people like him.  So I hope you enjoy them.  And if you don’t like big floppy natural tits, then Samantha has a pretty killer body and a nice looking (probably tight) pussy on her.  And shes pretty damn sexy too, so I am sure there is SOMETHING in these videos that you will love.  I dunno, I really like her sex appeal.  And shes in the shower, which is always pretty hot.

Remember that we update this blog with new videos all the time.  Last update we posted these sexy shesnew videos of Mandy Sky, who has perky little tits, incase thats your thing.  But if you want something new, then check out these hot videos of sexy big tittied amateur Samantha showing off her sexy body and tight pussy in the shower.  And then head over to the official site, where you can download the full video and get access to all her pictures, where you can get a better look at her big natural tits and tight amateur pussy in the shower.  You’re going to love it, so head on over there and check it out!

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